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Fitness With A Twist Jitterbugs in Rogers 

Certified Instructors

Our highly trained and experienced instructors come to your child's day care for weekly classes. We do silly warm-up songs and stretches, utilizing parachutes, bean bags, limbo sticks, and other props to keep children active and engaged. Classes are very structured, focusing on health and agility in our 30 minute lessons. Convenient and beneficial, all of our services are performed at your day care and are a good break in the day, offering the children an opportunity to get up, and get moving. In addition to dance, our classes teach:

​Keep Your Little One Active With Our Preschool Fitness Lessons! Classes take place one a week at your childcare center, making it easy for YOU!

Our locally owned and operated business is based in Rogers, Arkansas. JitterBugs offers fun, entertaining preschool fitness lessons and our choreography is suitable for boys and girls. 

Dance is extremely enjoyable and an exciting way to help children build character, stay active, and learn how to make good, healthy life choices as they grow.

We use props in each class to enhance your child's experience and hand-eye coordination.

Little ones always look forward to JitterBug day!